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Some of our on going campaigns are Awareness Programme against Drug abuse, better communication of teenagers and young adults at home, creating your own support system and dealing with peer and other pressures. We began our visits to various schools and colleges in August 2013, and continue to spread the light. We have qualified counselors on board for individual support of members. Please come forward and volunteer by joining our online. Email to or call to (+91) 9951550045.

Volunteer Programme

Our People Welfare Society volunteer programme was started to bring enthusiastic people into charitable services. Our volunteer programme helps students, faculty, scientists, corporate, entrepreneurs and researchers who want to gain hand-on work experience and engage themselves into a People Welfare Society services. Some are experienced professionals who desire to diversify their experience in working for a local NGO. Regardless of their motivations and backgrounds, they all share a common goal of bringing a better life for poor communities and have made a significant contribution to the growth of the organization. All of our volunteers have been important resources to our operations. The volunteer program is designed to enable volunteers to get involved in all aspects of our work. It offers volunteer chances to learn how local NGOs operate and how community development projects run. Volunteers attain technical knowledge by taking part in our project activities in various fields: sustainable agricultural, climate change, and advocacy, etc. On a grass roots basis, they work with many different ethnic communities and a range of stakeholders. SCSRT provides our volunteers with a great work experience that will prepare them to for a professional career at other reputable organizations.

How to Join?

If you are interested in volunteering at People Welfare Society, please send your CV and cover letter to In the cover letter you must state your areas of interest, how long you will be able to work for us and explain which areas you are interested to work in. Applicants are not liable for any payment when applying for volunteer positions.

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